KC Headshot

Without going into too many details of how and why Cathy Wiegand became Keyboard Cathy, let’s just say that one catchy ditty from a movie soundtrack set her off to follow her wildest musical dreams back in 2005. Neil Hannon, the front man of her favorite band, The Divine Comedy suddenly became Cathy’s biggest musical hero and her journey to releasing her own original music began not too long after that.  She started by finishing the song about sushi that she had on her mind for a very long time and then went on from there. Cathy has a knack for blending theatrical and cinematic influences into her songs with only a keyboard. She is a one woman band of sorts who often writes about food.

In the two years that followed, she recorded and released her first two albums, “Inspiration” in 2006 and “Sushi Lover” in 2007 followed by her Christmas single, “But It’s Christmas” also in 2007. KC became easily recognizable in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area where she played out weekly in New Hope and Doylestown, PA. By 2008, she was also making her weekly musical rounds in Philadelphia music venues such as World Café Live. All this playing out activity led to more invites to play at local events in the area as well as the occasional private party.

Thanks to networking locally and on social media, Cathy began to make connections that got her on local cable access television not only in New Jersey but also in upstate New York. She had a regular musical role as the “Keyboard Zombie” on the Princeton Community TV show “Zombie Etiquette” and has appeared on both “Breezin with Bierman” and “Café Improv”. Her music video, “Sashimi” also gradually went viral. A mini-tour through New England followed in 2009.

Cathy’s musical adventures took her into New York City to play in venues such as “The Bitter End” and “The Sidewalk Café” In 2010, she released her third album, “Live at the Sidewalk Café”, which included live footage from her “Sidewalk” gig along with the studio versions of two of her food songs “Sashimi” and “Peanut Butter.” “Peanut Butter” became a music video in June 2013 literally immediately right before her imminent move from New Jersey to Florida.

After moving from Central New Jersey to Central Florida, Keyboard Cathy regrouped and found new places to play and new fans that identified with her unique style of music. You never know when she will be in the northeast for an impromptu performance. She played regularly at Sacred Grounds Coffee House in Tampa on most Monday nights jamming and kicking off the evening of entertainment. 

In March 2017, Cathy left Tampa, Florida for Charlotte, North Carolina where she is enjoying life in her new home and continuing to learn new skills after a brief tour on the way up from Florida.  She stopped to play music on Tybee Island near Savannah, GA,  Summerville near Charleston, SC and finally Asheville, NC.  So far, she has found success as a volunteer at Girls Rock Charlotte and as an a singer/songwriter on the thriving music scene.   Cathy's music has been heard at The Evening Muse in NoDa and at Legion Brewing in Plaza Midwood.   

 Keyboard Cathy will continue to make her mark as a local legend and internet phenom until she reaches her next level of achievement.   This is a journey of a lifetime.  She hopes that you will join her along the way.