Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2017!

A couple of new 2018 gigs have just been posted in the events section!   One show takes place in the Plaza Midwood in February and the other happens a month later in March at The Evening Muse in Noda.  It has taken me several months to get a feel for my new area and meet new people.   I'm enjoying Charlotte!  All I can say is that it has been a pretty smooth transition from Florida and I am grateful for all the people that I have met along the way.   I'm not sure how many times I will hit the open mic scene before the New Year.  If I don't see you, I wish you a very happy 2017 holiday season!  

Settling Into New Digs!

Hi there!  

Getting unpacked and acclimated to my new home certainly took a while.  Even though the unpacking isn't quite over yet, I'm pleased to say that I'm happy that the move itself is behind us.  Becoming acquainted with a new area always takes a while.  This summer, I am volunteering for Girls Rock Charlotte, an organization dedicating to empowering young girls in learning instruments, creating and performing new original music.  I also have an upcoming gig on Friday August 4 opening for Charlotte based band, Angwish.  More details for follow soon.   

Charlotte Bound!

KC will soon be based out of Charlotte, NC.  She has to get there first!    Please check the events page for the stops along the way.  All three are open mics with this short notice but they are opportunities to be heard, especially in areas where no one has ever heard of Keyboard Cathy.  Musical stops will be made in the Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC and Asheville, NC areas.   It's going to be fun!   Please stay tuned for the random blog entry! 

Happy New Year 2017/First KC Gig of the Year

Happy New Year, everybody!  

This is my second go at blogging on the new KC website.  The first time, I tried from my phone and it wasn't published for whatever reason.  The second time, my screen timed out and I lost my text.  Let's hope that this third time is the charm.   The first KC gig of the year so far will be as follows:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Time:  7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

RLC Presents: Keyboard Cathy, Wednesday Amaya, AB+Positive

Tre Amici @ The Bunker

1907 N 19th St, Tampa, Florida 33605

Today, I hope to also get an e-mail out to my subscribers summing up the past year in review.  You can join my mailing list on the main page of the website.  Anyway, I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.