Hi everybody!

Welcome to my new website! A revitalization of www.keyboardcathy.com was a necessary component in Keyboard Cathy’s evolution as an artist. These days, an up-to- date website is important to attracting new listeners, which I hope will become fans. As much as I write about food, it isn’t always about the food songs. It’s about any inspiration that translates into song.

Can you believe that I have been out there performing consistently for over ten years now? During that time, I released three albums, “Inspiration,” “Sushi Lover,” and “Live at the Sidewalk Café.” I also appeared on several local cable television programs and internet radio shows plus got a mention in The New York Times. If it weren’t for the support from the friends that I found in my fans, the “Sashimi,”“Peanut Butter” and most recently the new “Sushi Lover” music videos would not have come to fruition as they did. For that, I am grateful and appreciative of my fans and my followers because without them, an artist goes nowhere.

I continue my uphill journey in a world where original, not easily categorized music doesn’t always get the exposure and recognition that segmented, mainstream music does. My music continues to be influenced by movie soundtracks, Broadway musicals and of course my favorite band of all time, TheDivine Comedy. I am proud to be a “one woman band” that sequences several tracks of accompaniment on a keyboard to create and simulate orchestral arrangements.

Since relocating to Florida in the summer of 2013, I have written several new songs. I am also slowly and I mean SLOWLY writing a musical in collaboration with South Jersey/Philadelphia area playwright and director, Gerald Van Wilgen. When it is time for me to record a new album, you will know. I will be counting on your financial support to help make it possible. It will not happen right away since it takes a long time to write, arrange and notate a musical, especially if one has never done it before. Plus, I want to make sure that I think things through to ensure that I can provide the deliverables on a timely basis.

Once again, I welcome you to my website. Please take a look around to see how things have changed.

I hope you find the new www.keyboardcathy.com easy on the eyes and a breeze to navigate.

Always moving forward in the pursuit of Cathiness,