“Sushi Lover” now has a proper music video to celebrate the tenth anniversary of KC’s first album “Inspiration.”    Enjoy a fun, informal, musical tutorial about the art of eating sushi.   
Tenth anniversary video for "Sushi Lover", which was originally released in 2006. This video was beautifully produced, edited and directed by Rahsaan Thomas. Special thanks go out to "The Sake House" in Temple Terrace, Florida for the beautiful restaurant setting and the delicious sushi.


After “Sushi Lover” was written, an open mic host in the Doylestown, PA area encouraged me to write a follow-up song about “Sashimi.”   “It’s like sushi without the rice.”
The music video for Sashimi by Keyboard Cathy produced and Directed by Lawrence R. Greenberg. visit


My audiences seemed to gravitate toward the food related songs.  Since I wasn’t sure which food to write about, I wanted to pick a food item, which was very popular in the US.   “Peanut Butter” with its piano driven, seventies flavor is now a staple on the KC song list.
With help from Emmy award winning video editor and production man, Rob Bell of Green Birdie Studios in Lambertville, NJ, co-producers Steve Chernoski of local "Live in Lambertville" fame and Marti Davis representing Poni-TV plus a few extra special and truly talented kids: Leila Jean Davis, Isabel Meara, Julia McKenna and Kieran McKenna.